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Factory Price Tungsten Buffer Weight

Tungsten alloy tip is small in volume and very dense, which means it can be used in all fields that are using small but heavy parts. Tungsten heavy alloy tip can be used as extremely precise counterweight for racecars, boats, yachts; sailboats, airplanes, helicopters, rockets, tanks, Precision instrument fields can also benefit from our tungsten heavy alloy tips. It is also largely used in mobile phone vibrator, clock cube, self-winding watches, anti-vibration toll holders, flywheel weights, etc
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  • TGS-S-7007

  • ZZJD

  • 8414909090

Product Description

Tungsten heavy alloy buffer weight

Tungsten alloy buffer weight is a type of weight used in firearms to help reduce recoil. Tungsten is a dense metal that is ideal for use as a buffer weight because it can absorb a lot of energy without deforming or breaking. Tungsten alloy buffer weights are typically used in AR-15 rifles and other semi-automatic firearms. They are designed to fit inside the buffer tube of the rifle and work in conjunction with the buffer spring to help reduce felt recoil. Tungsten alloy buffer weights are available in a range of sizes and weights to suit different firearm configurations and shooting applications.


Application of Tungsten Alloy Tip

Tungsten alloy tips can be used as vibrator for clock or mobile phone. When mobile phone or clock vibrates, there is an eccentric motion, which is caused by eccentric motor connected to vibrating components. As the center of the gravity is eccentric, and is not in the rotor of motor, the mobile phone or clock vibrates. In this case, component with good wear resistance and high specific gravity is required.

Space to place counterweight can be very limited. Tungsten alloy, with its density between 16.5/ cm 3 and 18.5/cm3 seems to be a perfect solution. 50 percent higher density than lead and much higher than steel, makes it an ideal material for counterweight. Tungsten alloy tips provided by Jiuding Technology can prolong counterweight's life because of its wear resistance. In addition, tungsten heavy alloy tips are environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternative. Tungsten alloy can be easily machined into almost any shape and has good corrosion resistance. Tungsten alloy tips are incorporated into the pitch control system of many propeller designs as a fail-safe device to prevent overspeeding. What is more, tungsten heavy alloy tip is incorporated into rotating flywheels of gyroscopic controls to storage kinetic energy. Tungsten alloy tips are used for to adjust the center of gravity of the triangle and the frequency of oscillation in laser beams.



We own international advanced technology of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and pressing technology, we can manufacture standard products and various non-elevation products.

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