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Tungsten Alloy Bullet head

Tungsten bullet head is very dense and small in volume, which means it can be used in fields requiring small but heavy parts. Counterweights in golf clubs, fishing weights, counterweights for military defense, projectiles in the missile weapons, armor piercing ammunition, hunting equipment, counterweights for hunting gun, prefabricated fragments; counterweights for oil logging; also some fields in precision industry, such as mobile phone vibrator, clock cube, self-winding watches, anti-vibration toll holders, flywheel weights, etc. 
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Product Description

Tungsten alloys are widely used in military, aerospace, energy and other fields due to their high density, hardness, melting point, and strength. In bullet manufacturing, tungsten alloy can be used to make bullet heads, mainly with the following advantages:

1. High density: Tungsten alloy has a density about 1.7 times higher than lead, so it can provide higher mass and kinetic energy at the same volume, making bullets more penetrating and lethal.

2. High hardness: Tungsten alloy has a higher hardness than lead, which can effectively reduce warhead deformation and fracture, improve warhead stability and penetration.

3. High melting point: Tungsten alloy has a melting point of up to 3410 ℃, which can maintain the shape and structural integrity of the warhead under high temperature and high-speed motion.

4. High strength: Tungsten alloy has higher strength than lead and can withstand greater pressure and impact, improving the stability and accuracy of bullets.

Therefore, tungsten alloys can be used to manufacture high-performance bullets, especially in situations with high requirements for penetration and lethality, such as counter-terrorism, anti violence, and anti piracy.


Advantage of tungsten alloys bullet head

1. High Density: Tungsten alloy has a high density, which means that it can penetrate through hard surfaces with ease. This makes it an ideal material for bullet heads.

2. Greater Penetration: Due to its high density, tungsten alloy bullet heads can penetrate deeper into the target, causing more damage and increasing the likelihood of a successful hit.

3. Improved Accuracy: Tungsten alloy bullet heads are more accurate than other types of bullets. This is because they are more stable in flight and less likely to deviate from their intended trajectory.

4. Reduced Recoil: Tungsten alloy bullet heads have a lower recoil than other types of bullets. This means that they are easier to control and can be fired more accurately.

5. Longer Range: Tungsten alloy bullet heads have a longer range than other types of bullets. This is because they retain their velocity and energy over a greater distance, allowing them to travel further and hit targets that are farther away.

6. Resistance to Corrosion: Tungsten alloy is highly resistant to corrosion, which means that tungsten alloy bullet heads are less likely to rust or deteriorate over time. This makes them more reliable and longer-lasting than other types of bullets.



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