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Tungsten Alloy Sheets supplier

Tungsten alloy sheet, with densities between 16.9 and 18.1 g/cm3, means it is the heaviest metal materials. It has excellent radiation resistance, thermal and electric conductivities, corrosion resistance and merchantable. Jiuding Company offers sheet with tungsten contents ranging from
85 to 98% with wide range of physical and mechanical properties including non-magnetic W-Ni-Cu alloy. It is a safer and non-toxic substitution to lead. Moreover, higher density also enables alloy sheets to protect from radiation better, even under extreme conditions. While depleted uranium offers comparable density, tungsten alloy volatile nature and the special licensing requirements needed for radioactive materials makes working with it difficult.
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Product Description

Tungsten alloy sheet is a important part of Jiuding's tungsten heavy alloy products family. It shares the same properties of tungsten heavy alloy products such as high density, incredible strength, consistent durability and long-lasting value. In addition, our tungsten alloy sheets are fully sintered solids.

The thickness of tungsten alloy sheet products are as follows:

Foil - a thickness of less than 0.005 inches. (0.13 mm).

Plate - thickness greater than or equal to 0.188 inches (4.75 mm).

Sheet - thickness more than or equal to 0.005 inches (0.13 mm) or less than or equal to 0.187

inches (4.75 mm)

Tungsten alloy sheet can meet your requirements for precision-machined cemented carbide balls in their good precision, good wear resistance and good corrosion resistance products.


1. Width × Length: (2.0-500.0mm) × (2.0-500.0mm)

2. Thickness: 0.2mm-5.0mm; 

3. Density: 15.8-18.75 g/cm3

4. Composition: W content: 85-99%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu

5. Surface: Sintered surface, forged surface, ground surface

Tungsten alloy sheet is widely used in radiation shielding, as packaging materials and cables. They are also used in various industries like shipbuilding, electro-vacuum industries, metallurgical machinery and electronics. Choose the best material from the best supplier. Each item will tested by our quality department, and before loading, we will test all, in order to supply you the best tungsten alloy sheet.

We could cut or custom make any sheet/plate to your specifications. We also offer custom alloys, please contact  to inquire about custom.



We own international advanced technology of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and pressing technology, we can manufacture standard products and various non-elevation products.

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