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Tungsten alloy plates are refractory metal, which have two-phase composites consisting of W-Ni- Fe or W-Ni- Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe, some tungsten alloys also contain Co、Mo、Cr, etc. Tungsten alloy can be machined into various shapes, such as rods, cubes, blocks, bricks, rings, plates, etc.
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Product Description

A tungsten heavy alloy washer is a type of washer made from tungsten heavy alloy material. Tungsten heavy alloy is a metal composite that contains a high percentage of tungsten, typically ranging from 85% to 97% by weight. The remaining percentage is usually made up of nickel, iron, or copper.

Tungsten heavy alloy washers are known for their high density, strength, and durability. They are commonly used in applications where a high mass or weight is required in a compact space. The high density of tungsten heavy alloy allows for a smaller size and weight compared to other materials with similar properties.


These washers are often used in industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, and oil and gas. They can be used for various purposes, including balancing or counterweighting components, vibration dampening, and radiation shielding.

Tungsten heavy alloy washers are typically manufactured through a process called powder metallurgy. The tungsten powder is mixed with a binder material, compacted into the desired shape, and then sintered at high temperatures to form a solid and dense washer.

Overall, tungsten heavy alloy washers offer excellent mechanical properties and are ideal for applications that require high density and strength in a small form factor.



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