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Tungsten Alloy Ball-4.0mm

Tungsten alloy ball is small in volume but very dense, which means the product can be used in various fields requiring small but heavy parts, such as the counterweights for golf club, fishing weights, counterweights for military applications, projectiles in the missile weapons, armor piercing ammunition, hunting pellets, prefabricated fragments, the missile weapons, armor piercing ammunition; counterweights for oil logging; also some fields concerning with precision industry, such as mobile phone vibrator, clock cube, self-winding watches, anti-vibration toll holders, flywheel weights, etc. Heavy tungsten alloy balls or tungsten weight is widely used in weight or balance industrial, and in military.
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Product Description

Tungsten heavy alloy balls are spherical objects made from a combination of tungsten and other heavy metals, such as nickel, iron, or copper. These balls are known for their high density, hardness, and resistance to corrosion.

Tungsten heavy alloy balls are commonly used in various applications, including:

1. Ballast: Due to their high density, tungsten heavy alloy balls are used as ballast in various industries. They are used in aircraft, boats, submarines, and other vehicles to maintain stability and control.

2. Counterweights: Tungsten heavy alloy balls are used as counterweights in machinery and equipment. They help balance rotating parts and prevent vibrations.

3. Ordnance: Tungsten heavy alloy balls are used in the defense industry for ammunition, such as shotgun shells and armor-piercing projectiles. Their high density allows for increased penetration power.

4. Radiation shielding: Tungsten heavy alloy balls are used in medical and industrial applications as radiation shielding. They effectively absorb and attenuate radiation, protecting workers and patients.

5. Bearings and valves: Tungsten heavy alloy balls are used in precision instruments, such as bearings and valves, due to their high density and wear resistance. They provide smooth operation and long-lasting performance.

Overall, tungsten heavy alloy balls are versatile and widely used in various industries due to their unique properties.




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