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Tungsten alloy counterweight blank (copper precipitation)

Tungsten Alloy Sports Counterweight
Due to high density and small volume, high melting point, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high ductility, well machinability, non-toxic and environmental friendliness, high impact resistance and crack resistance, tungsten alloy sports counterweight are more and more popular, such as the above mentioned tungsten alloy fishing sinker, tungsten alloy tennis counterweight, tungsten alloy golf weight, tungsten alloy ski weight etc.
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Product Description

Tungsten Alloy Stabilizer Archery Weight

*Tungsten alloy material for smaller weight size and more weight.

*Tungsten stabilizer Achieves improved centre of gravity and reduce the wind drag.

As running mostly strengthens the lower body, many joggers and runners decide to wear additional weights on their forearms in form of wristbands or on their hands in form of gloves. It  is also common to use weighted ankle-bands while exercising. Other weights in different forms, such as dumbbell-type hand weights are also widely used. With more many years of experience, Jiuding Technology can teach you lot and more about weight. We offer tungsten alloy sports weights in different forms and shapes. Due to its safe, dense, non-toxic and easily machinable ability, tungsten alloy is the best material to make sports counterweight.



We own international advanced technology of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and pressing technology, we can manufacture standard products and various non-elevation products.

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