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Tungsten Heavy Alloy Paper weight

What's Paperweight?
Paperweights are decorative objects, designed to hold sheets of paper on a surface to prevent wind from blowing them away. Paperweight has a long history in China, even can be traced back to the birth date of paper.
In ancient China, paperweight is one of the necessary equipment in sanctum. For one of the reason was Chinese paint art and handwriting always use brush and larger paper, then the paperweight becomes as important as “wen fang si bao” (the four treasures of the study, i.e. writing brush, ink stick, ink slab, paper ), was very important for everyone who can read and write. Record in the West that the first documented appearance of paperweight can be traced back to the Exhibition of Austrian Industry held in Vienna in 1845. From then, paperweight becomes popular in western countries.
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Product Description

Modern Paperweight

Tungsten paperweight is composed of a metal alloy, tungsten heavy alloy. The alloy allows  for maximum hardness and rigidity without sacrificing tensile strength. Each tungsten paperweight is polished with diamond tools. Hardness, assuring long lasting beauty, permanently polished. Tungsten paperweight takes a brilliant high polish and resists scratching longer than any metal ever offered to the public. Roughly ten times harder than 18k gold and four times harder than Titanium, Tungsten paperweight will never bend out of shape.

It is also possible to have "custom" bars made to your specifications.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WHA) Paperweight

——Never worn, never rust, high-density, high-performance paperweight !



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