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Tungsten Alloy Ring

Tungsten alloy rings bears a special property of longevity and high durability, when tungsten heavy alloy is utilized to make jewelry, tungsten heavy alloy always implicates the love between lovers or couple could be everlasting. Rings made up of tungsten are scratching resisting, low anaphylaxis, and will not need polishing, which is especially useful in design with a brushed finish.

Product Description

Tungsten-nickel-ferroalloy is based on tungsten (about 90 ~ 98%) and added nickel, iron, copper or other components of the alloy, also known as high specific gravity tungsten alloy (WHA), the specific gravity is generally 17.0 ~ 18.5. It has good plasticity and machinability, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and has excellent absorption capacity for gamma rays or X-rays. It is mainly used in the manufacture of gyroscope rotor, guiding device and shock absorber for aviation and aerospace equipment. Die casting die, knife clamp and automatic watch weight, etc.; Riveting heads and switch contacts for electrical products; In addition, it is also used to manufacture various shielding parts for ray prevention.

Advantages of tungsten-nickel alloy:

*specific weight: the general gravity is 16.5-18.75g/cm3;

* High strength: tensile strength of 700-1000Mpa;

* High thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of tungsten alloy is 5 times that of die steel;

* Strong absorption of rays: 30-40% higher than lead;

*The coefficient of thermal expansion is small: only 1/2-1/3 of iron or steel,

*Good conductivity; Because of its good electrical conductivity, it is widely used in lighting and welding industry

* Good weldability and workability.

It is widely used in aerospace, aviation, oil drilling, electrical instrumentation, medicine and other industries.



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