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Tungsten alloys syringe shield 3CC&5CC

Tungsten alloy syringe shielding is a type of radiation shielding used in medical procedures. It is made from a combination of tungsten, nickel, and copper, which makes it a highly effective shield against radiation. The tungsten alloy material is used to encase the syringe, which helps to protect the medical professional administering the dose and the patient receiving it from harmful radiation exposure. Tungsten alloy syringe shielding is commonly used in radiotherapy, which is a type of cancer treatment that uses high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. The shielding is also used in other medical procedures, such as CT scans and X-rays, to protect patients and medical personnel from radiation exposure.
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Product Description

A tungsten alloy syringe shield is a radiation protection device used in medical facilities to protect healthcare workers from exposure to ionizing radiation during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It is designed to fit over the syringe and needle and provides a barrier between the radioactive source and the healthcare worker.

Tungsten alloy is used because of its high density, which makes it an effective shield against radiation. The alloy is composed of tungsten, nickel, and iron, and is often referred to as high-density tungsten alloy or heavy metal alloy.


The tungsten alloy syringe shield is available in various sizes and shapes to fit different syringe sizes and types. It is easy to use and can be quickly attached to the syringe before the procedure. The shield is also reusable and can be sterilized for multiple uses.

In addition to protecting healthcare workers, the tungsten alloy syringe shield also helps to reduce the amount of radiation exposure to patients. It is an essential tool for ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare workers during medical procedures involving ionizing radiation.



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