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What are the applications of tungsten alloys in the military industry?

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Tungsten alloys are widely used in aerospace, weapons, nuclear industry and other military industries due to their high density (>2 times the density of steel), high strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, machining performance, ray absorption capacity (30% - 40% higher than lead), high temperature oxidation resistance and other advantages.For most people, it is a mysterious alloy because they are unfamiliar with it and have not even heard of it. However, it was first introduced in the 1930s and has a history of nearly a hundred years to this day!

It is an alloy composed of W as the matrix (W content is 82% - 98%) and Ni, Fe, Cu, Co, Mn and other elements. It has a series of excellent characteristics and is widely used in aerospace, weapons, nuclear industry and other military industries.It's tungsten alloy! W is the elemental symbol of strategic metal tungsten

Tungsten alloys are often used in harsh environments due to their high density, strength, good plasticity, and hardness. They are widely used in military fields such as bullets, tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments, and kinetic energy armor piercing shells.

Taking the shotgun as an example, the close combat weapon of the Chinese special forces is the QBS09 type military shotgun. Unlike traditional shotguns equipped with gunpowder, steel, or lead iron balls, such as the US No. 00 Deer Bullet, the QBS09 type military shotgun, which uses tungsten alloy and high-speed shotgun firing technology, has better comprehensive performance in terms of range, penetration, dispersion area, and external ballistic characteristics. The bullet density can reach 19g/cm3, and the initial velocity can reach 420m/s, It can significantly increase the effective range by twice or up to 100m, with extremely strong lethality. High density tungsten alloy

What are the applications of tungsten alloys in the military industry?

In addition, tungsten alloy is also an important material for kinetic energy armor piercing projectiles. The armour piercing projectile with tungsten alloy core has further improved the firepower of our Main battle tank and greatly enhanced its combat capability. The Type 15 tank uses a new 105mm tank gun, which is highly firepower due to its use of all tungsten alloy bullets.

Tungsten alloy prefabricated fragments are generally used in weapons such as landmines, hand grenades, aircraft bombs, or shells that form a large number of high-speed fragments through high-speed impact and explosion to kill life or armored vehicles. Compared to traditional prefabricated fragment materials, tungsten alloy has a higher specific gravity, greater hardness, and stronger impact energy. Tungsten alloy manufacturers produce prefabricated fragments with larger dimensions, higher initial speed, and stronger lethality.

The excellent characteristics of tungsten alloys include: high density (>2 times the density of steel); High strength; Good radiation absorption ability (30% -40% higher than lead); Good machining performance; Good conductivity, thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion; Good weldability and surface electroplating; Good plasticity, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature oxidation resistance etc.

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