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What are the application fields of tungsten alloys?

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What are the application fields of tungsten alloys?

Tungsten, known as the "industrial tooth", is an important strategic rare metal with a content of only 0.007% in the earth's crust. It is the basic raw material for modern industry and has a history of over 200 years since it was discovered by scientists in 1783. Tungsten alloys have excellent properties such as high density, high melting point, high hardness, good thermal conductivity, heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and chemical stability. They are widely used in today's high-tech products and people's daily lives. They play a very important role in the development of the national economy. Therefore, tungsten is also regarded as an important strategic metal.

The application of tungsten alloys in China can be roughly divided into four categories: carbides used in cutting, wear resistance, welding, and spraying. Carbides are widely used in the mining and petroleum industries, mainly in drill bits, bulldozer blades, and crushing machinery. Tungsten carbide is also widely used in wear-resistant parts of transportation and electrical equipment.



The hardness of tungsten is very high, and the density of tungsten is close to gold, so it can improve the strength, hardness and wear resistance of steel. As an important alloy element, tungsten is widely used in the production of various steels. The common tungsten containing steels include high-speed steel, tungsten steel, and tungsten cobalt magnetic steel with high magnetization and coercive force. These steels are mainly used to manufacture various tools, such as drills, milling cutters, wire drawing dies, female dies and male dies.

3.Tungsten carbide based hard alloy

Tungsten carbides have high wear resistance and refractory properties, and their hardness is similar to diamond, making them often used in some hard alloys. At present, tungsten carbide based cemented carbide is the largest consumption field of tungsten. This kind of cemented carbide is a powder metallurgical product made by sintering tungsten carbide micron powder and metal binder (such as cobalt, nickel, molybdenum) in Vacuum furnace or H ₂ reduction furnace. Tungsten carbide based cemented carbides can generally be divided into four categories: tungsten carbide cobalt, tungsten carbide titanium carbide cobalt, tungsten carbide titanium carbide tantalum carbide (niobium) cobalt and steel bonded cemented carbides. These tungsten carbide based cemented carbides are mainly used to manufacture cutting tools, mining tools and wire drawing dies.

3.Thermal strength and wear-resistant alloys

Tungsten has the highest melting point and high hardness among all metals, and is often used to produce heat and wear resistant alloys. For example, tungsten and chromium, cobalt, and carbon alloys are commonly used to produce high-strength and wear resistant parts such as aviation engine valves and turbine impellers, while tungsten and other refractory metals such as tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, and rhenium are often used to produce high heat strength parts such as aviation rocket nozzles and engines.

4.High density alloy

Because of its high density and hardness, tungsten has become an ideal material for making heavy alloys. These heavy alloys can be divided into W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-Co, W-WC-Cu, W-Ag and other major series according to their composition, characteristics and applications. These alloys are widely used in aerospace, aviation Military, oil drilling, electrical instruments, medical and other industries, such as manufacturing armor, heat dissipation fins, balance weights for control helmets, and contact materials such as knife switches, circuit breakers, spot welding electrodes, etc.

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