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Tungsten Heavy Alloy Shielding for Industrial

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Industrial tungsten alloy shielding components are devices used to prevent radiation and electromagnetic interference. Tungsten alloy shielding components have high density, high conductivity, and excellent radiation resistance, and are widely used in fields such as nuclear and electronic industries.

High density tungsten alloys are a type of alloy based on tungsten (with a W content of 85-99%) and composed of elements such as Ni, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr, etc. According to the composition characteristics and uses of the alloy, it is divided into main series such as W-Ni Fe, W-Ni Cu, W-Co, W-WC Cu, W-Ag, etc. Its density can reach up to 16.5-19.0g/cm3, and is widely referred to as a high density alloy.

It has a series of excellent characteristics, with a specific gravity of 16.5-18.75g/cm3, high strength, tensile strength of 700-1000Mpa, strong radiation absorption ability, and a capacity 30-40% higher than lead. Its thermal conductivity is 5 times that of mold steel; Low thermal expansion coefficient: only 1/2-1/3 of iron or steel, with good conductivity; It has good weldability and processability. Usually, we will burn suitable high density tungsten alloy blank according to the requirements, and then make corresponding finished products that match the drawings through machining, welding, and other methods. Of course, we also have mature MIM forming processes that can make smaller and more complex shielding products.

For example:

Geological drilling is one of the commonly used exploration techniques in the oil and gas industry. It involves drilling underground rock layers to obtain geological samples, which are then analyzed to determine the presence of oil or natural gas. During geological drilling, gamma ray sources are used to help penetrate rock formations. Gamma rays are high-energy electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate matter and interact with it during the penetration process, producing secondary particles or altering the chemical structure of matter. By using a gamma ray source, detailed information about underground rock formations can be obtained, such as their thickness, type, and structure.

In order to protect workers and equipment from gamma radiation, high density tungsten alloy products are widely used for shielding radiation sources and as γ A ray collimator can effectively absorb and scatter gamma rays, reducing radiation dose.

In geological drilling, high density tungsten alloy shielding products are usually placed around the radioactive source to prevent gamma ray leakage. At the same time, tungsten alloy collimators are used to accurately point at the target, ensuring that gamma rays can accurately penetrate underground rock formations.

In addition, gamma rays have other applications in the oil and gas industry, such as checking welding quality and detecting pipeline cracks. In these applications, gamma sources are typically installed in remotely controlled wheeled carts for operation within a safe distance. The tungsten alloy collimator is used to accurately point gamma rays at the target location. Tungsten alloys play an important role in geological drilling and are widely used to shield radioactive sources γ X-ray collimators and other related applications.

In the nuclear industry, high density tungsten alloy shielding components are used to protect workers from the hazards of radioactive radiation. They are usually placed around nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel processing facilities, and nuclear medical facilities to reduce the leakage of radioactive materials and the harm of radiation to workers.

In the electronic industry, tungsten alloy shielding components are used to protect electronic equipment and personal safety from electromagnetic interference and radiation. They are usually placed around electronic devices to prevent electromagnetic interference and radiation from affecting them, ensuring their normal operation.

In addition, tungsten alloy shielding components are also used in medical, aerospace and other fields. For example, in the medical field, tungsten alloy shielding components are used to protect doctors and patients from the hazards of radioactive radiation; In the aerospace field, high density tungsten alloy shielding components are used to protect the safety of aircraft and satellites from electromagnetic interference and radiation.

Although lead also has shielding properties and high cost-effectiveness, it has long been used to store and transport radioactive substances, but it poses environmental hazards. In addition, only lead with a larger volume fraction has an effective shielding effect. High density tungsten alloys can effectively compensate for these shortcomings. At the same time, they are environmentally friendly and have a density higher than lead by over 40%. Therefore, they are often used in collimator isotope shipping containers, gamma cameras, cobalt remote treatment machines, and nuclear reactors. Able to provide more effective shielding with fewer materials.

In short, industrial tungsten alloy shielding components are an important protective device that can effectively protect the safety of workers and equipment from radiation and electromagnetic interference.

We hope that in the future, high density tungsten alloy, an environmentally friendly material, can be widely used and make due contributions to the environmental protection of the earth.


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