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How is the corrosion resistance of tungsten alloy?

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How is the corrosion resistance of tungsten alloy? The editor of the tungsten alloy manufacturer has come to tell you.

Tungsten alloy, as a high-strength and wear-resistant material, has excellent corrosion resistance. Its main corrosion resistance mechanism is that the oxide film generated on its surface acts as a barrier to the external environment. At the same time, the high hardness and stable chemical properties of high density tungsten alloys also enable them to exhibit excellent corrosion resistance in harsh corrosive environments.

Firstly, the oxide film of tungsten alloy is extremely stable and can act as a barrier against external corrosive environments. In some plastic chemical, catalytic, and organic synthesis processes, chemical substances such as strong acids, bases, and high-temperature oxides can severely corrode commonly used metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc. However, the corrosion performance of tungsten alloys in these corrosive environments is excellent. Taking nitric acid as an example, nitric acid is a very strong oxidant commonly used for surface treatment of metals, but it easily dissolves many metals. Tungsten alloys, on the other hand, exhibit excellent corrosion resistance in concentrated nitric acid.


In addition, tungsten alloys can still exhibit excellent corrosion resistance in some highly corrosive chemical environments. For example, the protective effect of tungsten alloy surface facial mask is still very good in strong acid corrosive environments such as concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc. At the same time, corrosion caused by sodium salts such as concentrated salt water and seawater can also be well resisted.

Secondly, the high hardness of tungsten alloy is also one of its advantages in corrosion resistance. Because tungsten alloy has a high hardness, it is less susceptible to mechanical damage than ordinary metals, which means it is less likely to expose new non tungsten elements on the surface, thereby reducing the attack of new corrosion factors.

In short, tungsten alloy, as a high-strength and corrosion-resistant metal material, can to some extent meet the usage needs of some special process conditions, including industries such as nuclear energy, chemical engineering, aerospace, etc. Although it can reduce the impact of corrosive factors on tungsten alloys, it is still necessary to pay attention to maintenance, avoid improper use, and take corresponding measures to extend the maintenance cycle.

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