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Domestic and foreign market situation of tungsten alloy products

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Domestic and foreign market situation of tungsten alloy products

Domestic market

The total domestic consumption of tungsten products in China is around 1000t/a, accounting for 50% and 69% of the actual production, showing a situation of oversupply. The main domestic market and applications of tungsten products are in sectors such as electric light sources, electronics, power, and metallurgy, with the electric light source market accounting for the first place. There are about 500 domestic light bulb manufacturers, which consume about 400 tons of tungsten materials annually, accounting for about 70% of the total tungsten materials.

International market

The average export volume of tungsten products in China in the past five years (1994-1998) was 1250t/a, and the export trade volume was 19.78 million US dollars/a; The import quantity is 141t/a, and the trade volume is 10.8 million US dollars/a.

In the export of tungsten products in China, reprocessed products (powder) account for the vast majority, while deep processed products (rods, plates, and wires, etc.) have a small quantity, but their trade volume is relatively large, indicating the significant economic benefits created by deep processing; Although the import volume is not large, the trade volume is not small. The single value of tungsten products exported from China is $15800/t, while the single value of imports is $76660/t, which is 4 85 times.

With the continuous intensification of competition in the tungsten based heavy alloy industry, mergers and acquisitions, integration, and capital operations among large enterprises are becoming increasingly frequent. Excellent tungsten alloy manufacturers at home and abroad are paying more and more attention to the analysis and research of the tungsten based high density alloy market, especially the in-depth study of the current environment and customer demand trends of the tungsten based high density alloy market, in order to occupy the market in advance and obtain a first mover advantage. Because of this, a large number of excellent tungsten based high density alloys have rapidly emerged and gradually become leaders in the industry. Industry Research Network utilizes various information processing technologies to collect, organize, process, and analyze massive data in the tungsten based heavy alloy industry market, providing customers with a package of information solutions and consulting services, greatly reducing investment risks and operating costs for tungsten based heavy alloy customers, seizing investment opportunities, and improving enterprise competitiveness.

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