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Do you know the application fields and scenarios of tungsten copper alloys?

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Do you know the application fields and scenarios of tungsten copper alloys?

Tungsten copper alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten and copper. The copper content of commonly used alloys is 10% -50%. The alloy is made by powder metallurgy method and has good conductivity, thermal conductivity, high temperature strength, and certain plasticity. At high temperatures, such as above 3000 ℃, the copper in the alloy is liquefied and evaporated, absorbing a large amount of heat and reducing the surface temperature of the material. So this type of material is also known as metal sweating materials.

Tungsten copper composite is a kind of two-phase structure pseudo alloy mainly composed of tungsten and copper elements, which is a metal matrix composite. Due to the great difference between the physical properties of copper and tungsten, it cannot be produced by melting casting, but generally by powder alloy technology. The process flow is powder making, ingredient mixing, pressing and forming, sintering and infiltration, and cold processing.

Tungsten copper alloy combines the advantages of metal tungsten and copper, with high melting point of tungsten (3410 ℃ for tungsten and 1080 ℃ for copper) and high density (19.34g/cm3 for tungsten and 8.89g/cm3 for copper); Copper has excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, and tungsten copper alloys (generally ranging in composition from WCu7 to WCu50) have uniform microstructure, high temperature resistance, high strength, arc erosion resistance, and high density; Conductivity, moderate thermal conductivity, good thermal conductivity, excellent processing performance, low thermal expansion, and excellent electrode welding effect.


Copper tungsten alloys are mainly used for:

1. Electrode material: Applied to high hardness materials and thin electrode discharge machining, the surface finish of electric machining products is high, accuracy is high, loss is low, and effective savings are achieved.

2. Contact materials: arc contacts and vacuum contacts of high and medium voltage switches or circuit breakers, circuit board welding, and electrical contact points.

3. Welding materials: submerged arc welding machines, gas shielded welding machine nozzles, radio resistance factories (producing carbon film resistors, metal coating resistors), resistance butt welding materials

4. Guide material: Various types of wire rolled steel, used for guiding and protecting materials.

1、 High temperature resistant materials

Tungsten copper alloys are used as nozzles, gas rudders, air rudders, and nose cones in aerospace engines. The main requirements are high temperature resistance (3000K~5000K) and high temperature airflow erosion resistance. They mainly utilize the transpiration cooling effect formed by copper volatilization at high temperatures (copper melting point 1083 ℃) to reduce the surface temperature of tungsten copper and ensure its use under high temperature conditions.

2、 Electrical alloys for high-voltage switchgear

Tungsten copper alloy is widely used in high-voltage switch 128kV SF6 circuit breaker WCu/CuCr, as well as high-voltage vacuum load switch (12kV 40.5KV 1000A) and lightning arrester. The high-voltage vacuum switch has a small volume, easy maintenance, wide range of use, and can be used in humid, flammable, explosive, and corrosive environments. The main performance requirements are resistance to arc erosion, resistance to fusion welding, low cut-off current, low gas content, and low thermal electron emission ability. In addition to conventional macroscopic performance requirements, porosity and microstructure performance are also required, so special processes such as vacuum degassing and vacuum infiltration are required.

3、 Electric machining electrode

In the early days of electric discharge machining, copper or graphite electrodes were used, which were cheap but not resistant to erosion, and have been basically replaced by tungsten copper electrodes. The advantages of tungsten copper electrodes are high temperature resistance, high high-temperature strength, resistance to arc erosion, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, and fast heat dissipation. The application focuses on electric spark electrodes, resistance welding electrodes, and high-voltage discharge tube electrodes.

The characteristics of electric machining electrodes are a wide variety of specifications, small batches, and a large total quantity. The tungsten copper material used as an electric machining electrode should have the highest possible density and uniformity of the structure, especially for slender rod shaped, tubular, and irregular electrodes.

4、 Microelectronic materials

Tungsten copper electronic packaging and heat sink materials have both the low expansion characteristics of tungsten and the high thermal conductivity characteristics of copper. Their coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity can be changed by adjusting the composition of tungsten copper, thus providing a broader application range for tungsten copper. Tungsten copper materials have been widely used in semiconductor materials due to their high heat resistance and good thermal conductivity, as well as the coefficient of thermal expansion matching with silicon wafer, gallium arsenide and ceramic materials. Suitable for use with high-power device packaging materials, heat sink materials, heat dissipation components, ceramics, and gallium arsenide bases.

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