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Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of three different materials of fishing weight

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Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of 3 Different Materials of Fishing Weight

Lead, steel, and tungsten alloys can all be used to make fishing weights. But tungsten alloy fishing weights have become the best choice for fishing gear due to their high-density, non-toxic, and pollution-free properties.

The following is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of lead, steel, and tungsten alloys as raw materials for fishing weights:

1. The advantages of lead as a fishing weight lie in its soft material, easy bending, easy shearing, and low cost, but it has gradually been phased out due to its toxicity and large volume;

2. Steel, as a raw material for fishing hooks, has the advantages of low cost and shear ability, just like lead. However, the density of steel is low, and fishing hooks are prone to rust due to long-term contact with water;

3. Tungsten alloy fishing weight avoids the drawbacks of lead and steel weights, far surpassing the other two in terms of density and specific gravity. Although tungsten alloy fishing hooks have a high cost, they still become the preferred choice for fishing gear due to their high corrosion resistance and density.

Tungsten alloy fishing sinker, also known as high density tungsten alloy fishing sinker or environmentally friendly tungsten alloy fishing sinker. In fishing supplies, there are fishing pendants made of lead products, but lead is toxic and harmful to the environment. With the strengthening of human awareness of ecological and environmental protection, the requirements for fishing supplies are also increasing, especially in Japan and European and American countries, where the material and composition of fishing pendants are quite high, and lead pendants are almost prohibited from entering the country. It is now internationally recognized that tungsten alloy fishing sinker is the best material to replace lead sinker. Because tungsten alloy fishing hooks comply with international environmental standards, and due to their small size, high density, strong wind resistance, increasing the diving power, anchoring force, and throwing distance of the bait, they have a better fishing feel and higher hooking rate compared to lead product fishing hooks in terms of functionality.

Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Fishing Weight

1. To make fishing weights of the same weight, tungsten alloy fishing weights require 50% less material than lead fishing weights.

2. Tungsten has a higher density than lead and can quickly sink deeper underwater, allowing you to determine whether it is mud, rock, or wood underwater based on the vibration of the fishing line.

3. Small in size, even if heavy in weight, it is smaller than traditional lead fishing weights. This makes it difficult for fish to detect in the water. Moreover, even in the deep sea, fishing can be easily done.

4. The material is hard and cannot be removed due to being stuck by the fish's mouth. Traditional lead fishing weights are relatively soft and difficult to remove if swallowed by prey. The tungsten alloy fishing pendant is relatively hard and can be easily removed from the fish's mouth.

5. Compared with lead made fishing weights, tungsten alloy fishing weights have strong wind resistance and good hand feel. Due to their high density and strong wind resistance, fishing weights have a better hand feel and a higher hooking rate.


The main function of a fish weight is to increase the diving force, anchoring force, and throwing distance of the bait. According to physical theory, weight has a significant impact on it. Normally, within a certain range, the larger the weight of the fish weight, the better the diving power, wind resistance, and anchoring force of the bait. This is one of the reasons why modern anglers prefer to use high density tungsten alloy fish weights.

Tungsten alloy is an alloy made by adding nickel, iron, copper, cobalt and other elements to the metal tungsten matrix. It has high density (~18.50g/cm3), high strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and non radioactive characteristics, making it the best raw material for sea fishing weights.

Compared to lead weights, tungsten alloy fish weights have the following advantages:

1) Material saving: When the weight is the same, tungsten alloy fish weights require less material than lead weights.

2) Small size: When the weight is the same, the volume of tungsten alloy fish weights is smaller than that of lead weights, making them less likely to be discovered by fish, and even in the deep sea, they can easily fish.

3) Strong wind resistance: When the volume and shape are the same, the weight of tungsten alloy fish weights is greater than that of lead weights, making them less susceptible to wind influence and ensuring that they follow the inner path of the angler as much as possible.

4) Environmental protection: Lead is a heavy metal, so plumbum can pollute water bodies and pose a threat to the health of aquatic organisms; And tungsten alloy fish weight is non-toxic and pollution-free.

5) Good hand feel: Compared to lead weights, tungsten alloy fish weights have a better hand feel, making it easier for fish to catch bait.

6) Tungsten alloy fishing weights are harder to remove from the fish's mouth, while lead weights are softer and can easily get stuck in the mouth if swallowed by prey, making them difficult to remove.


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