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007-712 & 007-717 Gaard Lock Syringe Shield

007-712&007-717 Gaard lock PET Syringe Shield

007-712&007-717 Gaard lock Syringe Shield

007-713 & 007-718 Gaard Lock Syringe Shield

1-1/2OZ Tungsten alloys Worm Fishing sinker

1.8g Tungsten Drop Shot Weights Cylinder

1/16OZ Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights

1/2OZ Tungsten Carolina weights

1/4 OZ Tungsten Long Teardrop Fishing

1/4-20 5/16-24 1/4-20 Tungsten stabilizer

1/4OZ Tungsten Fishing weight

1/4oz Tungsten Fishing Weight wholesale

1/8oz Stainless swivel Tungsten Fishing Dropshot Weight

1/96oz 1/64oz 1/48oz 1/32oz 3/64oz 5/96oz 1/16oz 5/64oz 3/32oz and 7/64oz nail weight

100% tungsten dart is not available

16.5-19.0g/cm3 Tungsten

16.5g/cm3-18.75g/cm3 Tungsten Counterweight

18g/cc Tungsten Alloy Cubes Military use in different size

18g/cm3 Tungsten Fishing sinker

18g/cm³ Tungsten Ball for fishing

18g/cm³ Tungsten Ball weight

18g/cm³ Tungsten fishing weight

1CC 3CC 5CC 10CC 12CC Syringe shield

1CC Syringe Shield

1OZ Carolina weights

200*200*5mm Tungsten Alloy Plate

25% discount tungsten alloy rod

2CC Syringe Shield

3/16oz Tungsten Bass fishing Weight

3/32OZ Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights

3/34OZ Tungsten Short Teardrop Fishing weight

3/4OZ Tungsten Worm Fishing sinker

3/8OZ Tungsten Fishing

3/8oz Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights

30ML Tungsten Vial Shield

3CC Syringe Shield

3D eyelet fishing lure weight

3ML Tungsten syringe shield

45g 60g 80g Tungsten JIg head

5/8OZ Tungsten Worm Weight

5CC PET syringe shield

5CC Tungsten Alloy PET Syringe Shield

5ML Tungsten syringe shield

85%~99% Tungsten heavy alloy product

85-99% Tungsten Alloy Cylindrical Counterweight

85-99% W-Ni-Fe W-Ni-Cu Tungsten Fitting

85~99% Tungsten Alloy Blank

90% 95% Tungsten Rod

90% Tungsten alloy product

90% Tungsten Rod

90% Tungsten Rod made in China

90&95WNiFe Tungsten Alloy Darts

90/93/95WNiFe Rod

90WNiFe 95WNiFe 97WNIFe pure Wolfram

90WNiFe Rod

90WNiFe Tungsten swaging Rod

90WNiFe Wholesale Tungsten Alloy Rod

93% Tungsten alloy oval warhead

93% Tungsten Alloy Sheet

95% pure tungsten alloy product manufacturer

95% Tungsten Dart Barrels

95% Tungsten fishing weight

95% Tungsten Professional Competition Custom Darts Game

95% Tungsten worm Fishing sinker

95% Tungsten worm rigs

95WNF Tungsten Alloy Darts

95WNF Vial Shield

95WNiFe Wholesale Tungsten Alloy Rod

97% pure tungsten

97% pure tungsten fishing sinker

97% Pure Tungsten Fishing Weight

97% Pure Tungsten Fishing Weight sinker

97% Pure Tungsten fishing weights

97% purity tungsten alloy fishing weight

97% purity tungsten alloy worm weight

97% Purity tungsten bass fishing lure

97% Purity tungsten bass fishing lure for casting

97% tungsten

97% tungsten fish tackle

97% tungsten fishing jig

97% tungsten tear drio shot weight for bass fishing rigs

97%Tungste Fishing Weight

99% purity tungsten alloy

99%Tungsten steel ball

99.95% purity tungsten alloy sphere

99.95% purity tungsten sphere

99.99 purity Tungsten alloy fishing weight

99.99% bismuth metal

99.99% purity bismuth alloy metal

99.99% tungsten

We own international advanced technology of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and pressing technology, we can manufacture standard products and various non-elevation products.

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