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Basic properties of tungsten alloys

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Tungsten alloys have several basic properties that make them highly desirable for various applications:

1. High density: Tungsten alloys have a very high density, ranging from 15.6 to 19.3 g/cm³. This makes them ideal for applications where weight is a critical factor, such as in aerospace and defense industries.

2. High melting point: Tungsten alloys have an extremely high melting point of around 3,410°C (6,170°F). This property allows them to withstand high temperatures without deformation or melting, making them suitable for applications in high-temperature environments.

3. High strength and hardness: Tungsten alloys possess excellent strength and hardness, making them strong and durable materials. They have a high tensile strength and can withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions without deformation or failure.

4. Good electrical and thermal conductivity: Tungsten alloys have good electrical and thermal conductivity, although slightly lower than pure tungsten. This property makes them suitable for applications in electrical and electronic industries, where high conductivity is required.

5. Corrosion resistance: Tungsten alloys exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, especially against acids and alkalis. This property makes them suitable for applications in chemical and marine environments, where corrosion resistance is crucial.

6. Non-toxicity: Tungsten alloys are non-toxic and biocompatible, making them suitable for medical and dental applications. They are often used in radiation shielding, surgical instruments, and dental implants.

7. Machinability: Tungsten alloys are relatively easy to machine compared to pure tungsten. They can be easily shaped, formed, and machined into various complex shapes and sizes.

Overall, the combination of high density, high melting point, strength, hardness, conductivity, corrosion resistance, and machinability makes tungsten alloys highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.


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